Home Cleaning Service:

The home is the HUB of your live, a clever lady once said if my home is in order I can take on the World, I think I know exactly what she means, let the HUB get out of control and all around flounder.

Hubby, kids, job, cats and dogs, not necessarily in that order but we are here to help you to keep your head above water, sometimes we all need a helping hand, it gives you the precious time to get your life in order, let us help you to help yourself and then you can help others.  Each client will be entitled to a free consultation with no charge and no obligtation, and even when a package is in place it can always be adjusted to suit the client needs.



Commercial Cleaning Service:

We are of course aware that the business community are fully engaged in the every day running of their business, it is our job to take care of the cleanliness and outward appearance of your office/premises.  We will offer you a package, tailor made to suit you, one which can be added to or altered at any stage.



End Of Tenancy:

This section is run by a Landlord with many years of experience who also rents and handles her own properties, so is well aware of what a Landlord requires, properties are prepared for the new tenant and if required we can handle viewings and our own photographer can take pictures which can ultimately be put on our local gumtree site if no Estate Agent is in place.

We bring all our own equipment for an end of tenancy and no need to worry about cleaning materials as everything comes with us and leaves you with a rental which will be given every chance of being let quickly, this particular market is quite boyant at the moment but as a Landlord myself I appreciate that it is financially beneficial to keep all properties let.